I’m a huge disability & feminist blog junkie, so I have read a bunch on the politics of outing yourself/others based on an identity, such as being LGBTQ or one’s disability status. I read these posts and think about my disability status, and my feelings about outing myself and to the fact that, gasp, i stutter.

I am very weary about telling people that I stutter because of the implications that might come out of it. Stuttering has a rap of being a fake disability and a defect that is acceptable to mock. Most people that i interact with tend to pick up on the fact that i can’t talk “normally”, so i mostly leave people to their thoughts about my condition without formally talking to them about it. I have internalized the act of hiding my stutter through tricks and such that many people don’t know about my status.

I have only openly identified my stuttering to a few close friends and family members. I often think that outing myself to friends may put me in a bad situation by talking to others about my stuttering, but i am going to trust them to respect me.